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Hyperconnections Top 10
Top ten reasons why you should sign-up today!

  1. Get Instant Access with our Online Sign-up
  2. No Credit Card Required
  3. Nationwide--No Toll Out of Town
  4. Free 24/7 Tech Support
  5. Email SPAM Filter and POP-UP Blocker
  6. No Email Advertisements
  7. Use your existing Instant Messenger
  8. 15 Email Accounts and 20MB Webspace--FREE
  9. Fast, Clean, Clear Digital Connections--No Busy Signals
  10. More Newsgroups, Newsgroups, Newsgroups - 60,000+ with UNLIMITED MB of download!!!

Nationwide Access

Find your Hyperconnections Local Access Number

Dialup service for only $10 a month!

DSL is now available throughout the USA, plans starting at $19.95 a month.
Call 888.817.8323 to find out if you qualify
for our Low Cost High Speed DSL.

Technical Support

Dial up UNLIMITED Internet access you can count on.

All accounts get $25 off of the normal $35 setup fee!

Hyperconnections offers dial up access to the Internet nationwide via our high-speed digital network.

Whether you are at home or on the road, you will have unlimited access to the Internet almost anywhere with NO toll charge. You get 15 Email accounts, 20MB of personal Web-space, free technical support, Email SPAM filtering, POP-UP killer software, gaming/PS2 compatible, and access to more than 60,000 newsgroups (UNLIMITED binary downloads) for just $10 Bucks a month ($10 setup fee). With our digital modem technology, you will have fast and clean connections with either your 14.4K-56K modem. By the way, there are no busy signals. That's a HYPERCONNECTION!

If you want more personalized service than using email, call us any time toll-free (800) 292-5904. Unlike other providers, we always want to hear from you.

No Contracts Necessary
We can provide you access on a month-to-month basis with absolutely no commitment. That gives you the flexibility to decide if we live up to your expectations. If you already know we are your ISP of choice, you can pre-pay one year in advance, and the service will only cost $8.25/mo ($10 setup fee). For annual accounts, cancelled within 30 days, a partial refund applies (See the Terms of Service agreement for full details).

If you are not completely satisfied with Hyperconnections, you can cancel your account through our simple online "My Account" interface. No need to write and mail or fax cancellation letters. Even better, you can come back and re-activate your account later and incur no additional setup fees.

We are the Best
Are you getting tired of your current Internet provider? Cancel them! It's time for you to get HYPERCONNECTED! Our team has been providing Internet services for nearly 10 years. Our best of breed digital network can satisfy all of your needs. If you need setup software, no problem, or we can just set your computer up with you over the phone. There is no need to install.

If you need to look around more before you signup with us, feel free to use the Hyperconnections ISP Directory to speed up your search.

Call 888-817-8323
No Contracts! No Commitments!
Download our HYC v11.0 software!

Instant Access with Win95, 98, 2000, NT, ME, XP, UNIX and the MAC

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