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What are your payment options?  You can pay by credit card or if paying annually by check. (We currently accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, or American Express - Soon, online checks, EFT).

Where do I change my billing information?  To update your account information, check your billing status, change your email or add more email accounts, please logon to our “My Account” tab on our homepage, login and then select your “change payment options”.

Do you send out printed invoices every month?  Not normally.  We do not print invoices and send them in the postal mail since it would only add the unnecessary cost of providing the service.  We do send you an email invoice when we charge your account.  If you would like a printed invoice on a monthly basis, we can do so for an additional $4.00/month.  Request it by email at billing@hypercon.net.

What is the billing schedule? When you sign-up as a new customer you are billed that day for the entire term (monthly or annually). You will be billed again 5 to 7 days before the end of each full term for the next term.

Can I pay by check or money order? We do accept payment by check or money order only for annual prepaid accounts. You can signup online, select check/money order as your payment option, and once we recieve your payment, we will activate your account. You may also use debit cards (with Visa or MasterCard logo) to pay for your account instead and get instant activation. Annual pre-payments should be remitted to: Hyperconnections, Inc. PO Box 270597, Houston, TX 77277.

What if I sign up to pay by check for a year, but then decide to pay by credit card instead so that I can gain access immediately without waiting for Hyperconnections to receive the check? You have two options. You can call us at our sales office at and ask to convert your account to credit card billing, or you can signup a new account with a different username and disregard the other check signup which the system will remove automatically. You may contact us later to switch your account back to the originally requested username.


What happens if my credit card does not accept the charge? We bill the cards 5 to 7 days before the final cut-off date to make sure to leave adequate time for you to change your billing information before the account is placed on hold. If we have trouble charging your account, we will immediately send you an automatic email explaining the problem and asking for you to provide us with additional billing information.


Where can I update my Credit Card information? Updates can be made via our secure account system. Login to our “My Account” section on our homepage and "change payment options".


What happens if my Credit Card is expiring? We will send you an email update when your Credit Card is about to expire. Please logon to the “My Account” tab on our homepage, then select your “change payment options”, then enter your updated credit card information.


Where can I update my phone number and address information? Updates can be made via our secure account system. Logon to our “My Account” tab on our homepage and edit your information.


How do I get discounts on my bill? By prepaying your account for a year, you save over $20. Sign-up today or Logon to our “My Account” tab on our homepage and edit your information.  We will try to bring you more methods of discount in the future.


How can I change to Online Checking (EFT) instead of my Credit Card? We currently do not accept payment by check or money order, but we will accept EFT or online checks soon.  We will let our existing clients know via email.  You may, however, use debit cards (with Visa or MasterCard logo) to pay for your account. 

Do I get credit for referrals?   We do not currently offer referral credits outside of custom referral partner programs.  If you are interested in resale of Hyperconnections services, please email us at sales@hypercon.net.

How do I cancel my account?  We suggest that you contact our technical support department if you are having trouble accessing the service.  We would do as much as possible to keep you as a customer.  You can also email president@hypercon.net or complaints@hypercon.net and tell us what we might do to earn your service in the future.

Canceling your account could not be easier with Hyperconnections. Log into the My Account area, select the link to "change payment options ", and then select the link to cancel service. You will have the option to have your account not be renewed at the end of the current paid term, or be cancelled immediately. Your cancellation request will be effective upon receipt, if you have questions about our refund policy please refer to our Terms of Service agreement.

What do I do if I get suspended due to lack of payment? If we are unable to charge your account by the first day of the new service month, your service will be suspended. You can access the Internet via other means, go to our website, select the “My Account” tab on our homepage and then select "change payment options" and provide us new billing information.  Your account will be reactivated immediately.  Otherwise, you can call us at (888) 817-8323 and ask provide a new credit card and re-activate your account.

What if I cancelled my Hyperconnections account, but decide to come back? Can I just start using the service again, or do I have to sign up from scratch? You can log into the “My Account” interface for several months after canceling your account so that you have the opportunity to re-activate your account just by renewing your credit card information under the "change payment options" link. You will NOT be charged another setup fee! Your account will be reactivated immediately. Otherwise, you can call us at (888) 817-8323 and ask to provide a new credit card and re-activate your account.


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