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What’s my login or username?  Your primary e-mail address is your login name.  Ex. username@hypercon.net

How do I know if Hyperconnections has a local access number in my area? We have access numbers in almost every area of the United States.   Visit our list of access numbers on our website and make sure we have a number in your area.  Since we cannot be responsible if you dial into a long distance number by mistake, please verify with your local phone company if you are concerned that a number listed is not local to you.  Also, if we do not have a local number your area, please email us at customerservice@hypercon.net, and we will try to add one local to you.

Can I use my account while traveling? Yes, all over the United States. Visit our list of access numbers on our website and make sure we have a number in the area you are traveling to before you leave.  If you use the HY•C version 11.0 software all of our dial up numbers across the nation will be installed for you.

Can I access your Service any time of the day?  Yes, the network should be accessible 24hrs per day, 365 days per year.

What operating systems does Hyperconnections support?  Hyperconnections can be used with all operating systems. We offer technical support for Windows 95, 98, ME, NT, 2000, XP, and Mac OS 8.0 or greater. We are also compatible with WebTV, MSN, AOL, and Yahoo.

Can I expect to get a 56kbps connection?  The condition of your phone line will determine the actual performance. Some lines will support 52kbps all the time, while other lines do not. Some lines may only provide speeds between 33.6 and 52kbps.  If you are connecting at 40-50Kbps that is very good!

How fast can I connect with Hyperconnections?  All of our service lines are capable of 64Kbps connections.  Many of them will sustain dial up ISDN connections along with v.90 and v.92.  Your actual speed will depend on your modem and phone line quality. If you have a quality 56K modem and phone line, you should have no problem getting 52K speeds.

Does Hyperconnections give static IP addresses? No, not currently.

Does Hyperconnections offer dedicated connections?   The answer is mostly no, our accounts are primarily dial-on-demand with dynamically assigned IP addresses.

Does Hyperconnections offer shell accounts or telnet access?  No, shell or telnet is not available to our servers.  We do not prevent you from using telnet to connect to other places.

What do I do if I've forgotten my password?  If you can't remember your password, please click on this link and follow the instructions:  https://signup.hypercon.net/myaccount.aspforgot_passwd.php

Why won't my modem connect at speeds higher than 33.6K?   Our modems are 56K capable using K56Flex, x2 or v.90 protocols. If your modem has any of these protocols built into it, then you should be able to get a connection within an acceptable 52Kbps range. It is common to see speeds anywhere from 40000bps (bits per second) to 50000bps.

Here is a list of several factors that affect the speed at which you connect:

The quality of your phone line.  Make sure you have an undamaged line going from your computer to the wall. Also consider the age of the phone lines inside your wall. If your wiring is 15+ years old, it could be part of the problem. The most common sign of this type of wear is static or noise on the phone line.

Other devices connected to the line.  The more devices you have connected to the phone line you're using, the more problems you may run in to.  Phones, answering machines, fax machines, etc.  Try removing all other devices from the line you are using and connect.

The distance between your computer and the wall.  If the phone cord you use to connect your computer to the wall is longer than 10 feet, then try a smaller phone cord.  Remove splitters, surge suppressors, or other connectors between the modem and the plug in the wall since these can affect your connection.

Drivers and Firmware updates.  Check with your modem manufacturer to see if you have the newest drivers and firmware updates for your modem.   Look at http://www.56K.com.

What do I do once I connect?  You can either launch your Web browser, your email program or both.  You can use your default homepage such as http://www.google.com or http://www.excite.com to read the latest news, get sports scores, find out about your stocks or search for something specific with the search engine.   If you know the URL (Web address) of somewhere you would like to go, all you need to do is enter it into your browser, and you're there.
How long can I be logged into your system?   After 10 minutes of complete inactivity on your part, you will be disconnected.  We have no policy specifying the total time you can spend online, but the connection is NOT dedicated.  You may not stay connected 24 hours per day. If we feel that you are abusing our service, your account will be terminated.

Hyperconnections has only one dial up number in my area. Will I get busy signals? Not normally.   There are hundreds or thousands of modems associated with each phone number. 
Sometimes when I am online I get disconnected immediately. What causes this?   There are several reasons as to why you may be cut off: You may not have call waiting disabled. If you have call waiting and it is not disabled you can get disconnected when someone tries to call you on the other line. 

When I try to dial, I get "No Dial Tone"?   Check every phone in the house to make sure they are securely  “on-hook”.

How do I change my password?  Go to our website, select the “My Accounts” tab on our homepage and then select change password.

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