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What is an email address?   Addresses use lowercase letters with no spaces. The first part of the address identifies a unique user on our system.  The @ (pronounced "at") separates the user from the server address. The server address uniquely identifies the server. The three-letter suffix in the server name identifies the kind of organization operating the server.  Common suffixes are: .com (commercial), .net (networking),  .org (non-commercial),  .edu (educational) and .gov (government). Addresses outside of the U.S. use a two-letter suffix that identifies the country in which the server is located. Ex: uk (United Kingdom), .ca (Canada), .jp (Japan), .nl (The Netherlands), .tw (Taiwan).

What are Hyperconnections incoming/outgoing mail server names?

Incoming mail server (POP3 or IMAP) is mail.hypercon.net

Outgoing mail server  (SMTP) is smtp.hypercon.net

Why am I having trouble sending out email messages even though I can receive them? Our system employs anti-spam measures that ensure that spammers cannot have free reign over our mail servers. One of these measures is called SMTP Authentication. It ensures that you have to supply your email address and password to the mail server for it to verify that you are one of our customers before it allows you to send outbound mail. Also, if a customer of ours begins to send spam mail, we can easily determine who it is and cut them off before they damage the quality of service of our system.

The second measure is called "Send before check" authentication which is another method similar to SMTP Authentication. It is used by older email programs like Eudora.

If you are experiencing problems sending email, please refer to the questions below which give an explanation on where to configure SMTP Authentication for most email programs.

How do I enable SMTP Authentication? In Outlook express and Outlook, open the properties of your hypercon.net mail account settings (usually under "Tools/Accounts" select properties) and select the "Server" tab and check the checkbox for "My server requires Authentication". NOTE: If you use Outlook 97, you need to upgrade to Outlook 98 (a free upgrade from Microsoft) or higher in order to support SMTP authentication. Outlook and Outlook Express do also support "Check before Send" authentication, but in order for it to work properly, you would need to change your "outgoing mail (SMTP) server" to mail.hypercon.net instead of smtp.hypercon.net. This solution is not recommended and may not work in future as the system is upgraded.

In Netscape, inside of mail preferences, check the Authentication checkbox in your outgoing mail server settings and provide you email address as the username and you email password as the password.

In Eudora, under options, make sure the checkbox for "Check before Send" is selected. If necessary, also change your "SMTP Server" address to mail.hypercon.net instead of smtp.hypercon.net

How do I check my email through Hyperconnections? Your email address will be username@hypercon.net. You can then add additional email addresses after the initial signup. Logon to our “My Account” tab on our homepage and then add your additional addresses. You can check your email from any computer with Internet access at http://webmail.hypercon.net. You can use any email program with Hyperconnections.  Microsoft Outlook, Eudora, Netscape Mail.  Please see our sample email configurations for more help.

How do I access the new E-mail on the Web-based email? Go to http://webmail.hypercon.net/ and enter your full email address as the username and password.

Does webmail leave e-mail on the server so I can download it later using my regular e-mail program? Yes. E-mail left in your Inbox will remain on the server and will be available to be downloaded the next time you check your e-mail using your regular e-mail program. If you delete any messages from your Inbox while using E-mail on the Web, they won't remain on the server. Deleted messages are permanently deleted.

How do I change my email password? Logon to our “My Account” tab on our homepage and then update your passwords. 

How do I add, delete or update additional (secondary) e-mail accounts? Logon to our “My Account” tab on our homepage and then update your email addresses. 

Can I continue to use other email accounts with Hyperconnections? Yes, it requires a simple change in your other email accounts configuration. You need to change your SMTP or outgoing mail server setting to smtp.hypercon.net and turn on SMTP Authentication using your Hyperconnections email address as the username and the corresponding password.

Can I send a message to more than one person at a time?   To send messages to more than one person, simply enter additional email addresses, separated by commas, in the To, CC, or BCC fields of the email message.

What should I do if I get junk emails?  Unsolicited bulk email, or "spam," is a problem on the Internet. If you get a junk message, DO NOT reply. Many of these messages are sent blindly, so your response would tell them that they found an active email address.
Where are the Spam Filtering Settings for my email account?
We do not have currently a "user configurable" spam filter. Our mail servers have sophisticated spam prevention devices on them which filter 99% of spam mail. Some will always get through, however. If a customer uses the webmail interface, they can also configure a list of rejection terms in the subject, body, TO: or CC: fields, etc.

How large of a file can be sent to my email address?  It depends on the size limit on the senders email server, the limit on the receiving email server and the amount of space in your mailbox.  Most of the time it is difficult to get attachments larger than 800KB.  The Hyperconnections’ mail server allows 50MB to be received, and your maximum mailbox size is 50MB.

How much space do I have to store email messages?    We do not recommend that you store messages on our server for extended periods of time.  The server does clear out email that is more than 60 days old.  The Hyperconnections’ mail server allows 50MB to be received, and your maximum mailbox size is 50MB.

Can my friends using AOL, MSN, and Yahoo send me email?   Yes.  Just tell them your email address.   Username@hypercon.net.

Can I forward the email that I receive at my @hypercon.net email address to another email account? Yes. To forward hypercon.net email simply log in at http://mail.hypercon.net/. Enter your email account and password in the fields provided. Click the link labeled Rules. Then, check the box labeled: Redirect All Mail to:, and enter the email address that you want your email forwarded to in the box immediately beneath the check box. Click the button labeled: Update. The process is complete.

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