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or follow the instructions below for a manual install.

Setting up Dial-up Networking for Hyperconnections with Windows 95 & 98
or call support 24/7 toll-free (888) 817-8323

  1. Open up MY COMPUTER by double clicking and then open up DIAL UP-NETWORKING by double clicking. Select "Make a New Connection". Call your new connection "Hypercon."

    Find your Hyperconnections Local Access Numbers using the search tool located on our website.

    Put in your USER NAME (for example: username@hypercon.net) in the "User Name" box.

    Put your password in the "Password" box. If you wish to have the password saved, click "Save password" to put a check in the box. (Note: your password will not be saved until you make a successful connection to Hypercon.)

    Click Finish.

  2. Right click on your "Hypercon" icon and left click on Properties.

    Find your Hyperconnections Local Access Numbers using the search tool located on our website. With the Hypercon screen open... In the GENERAL tab screen, make sure to put in the appropriate Area Code and Telephone Number, all 10 digits, in the Telephone Number box and that the "Use Area Code" (or similar named box) is Unchecked and not in used.

    Make sure the Connect Using box has your correct modem.

  3. Click on the SERVER TYPES tab.

    Make sure the Type of Dial-Up Server is a "PPP" server, with either Windows 95, 98 or NT after it depending on which operating system you are using.

    Under Advanced Options, make sure that NOTHING is checked for use.

    Under Allowed Network Protocols, all you need is TCP/IP checked for use.

  4. Click the TCP/IP Settings box.

    Make sure it has Server Assigned IP address "dotted" for use. In the middle section, Specify name server addresses should be dotted for use.

    Primary DNS (Domain Name Server)
    Secondary DNS (Domain Name Server)
    The Primary WINS should be: 0 . 0 . 0 . 0
    The Secondary WINS should be: 0 . 0 . 0 . 0

    Use IP header compression should NOT be checked. Use default gateway on remote network should be checked.

    Once changes are made, OK your way back to the DIAL UP-NETWORKING box then close Dial-Up Networking and MY COMPUTER boxes.
    You are now finished. If you still experience connection problems after you have checked the previous settings shown, you may wish to proceed to the following pages.

  5. If you are using any other Internet provider, You may wish to leave the following NETWORK Installed Components alone. Other providers may have their own dial-up components and definately different settings. However, if you cannot connect properly to Hyperconnections, or your connection seems intermittent, try the following.

    You may be asked for your Windows CD-ROM or the location of your Windows (operating system set- up) files.

    Go to (click) Start, Settings, Control Panel, Network (double click).

    To connect to Hypercon, all you need is; Client for Microsoft Networks (Microsoft Family Logon in Windows 98 will work too), Dial-up Adapter, and TCP/IP (or it may be called TCP/IP -> Dial-up Adapter).

  6. Click TCP/IP once and then click on the properties box. Obtain an IP address Automatically should be chosen (dotted).

  7. Click on DNS Configuration tab.

    If you have another Internet provider this should be set to DISABLE DNS so the DIAL-UP NETWORKING settings of Hypercon and your other provider can be used. Normally, this can be left on DISABLE DNS and work properly. However, if you are having connection problems and you DO NOT have another internet provider (or you do and you wish to perform a test) put the following information in.

    Choose Enable DNS (dotted).

    In Host:, put your Hypercon username, including the "" prefix but omitting the @hypercon.net domain (i.e.: username).

    In the Domain: hypercon.net (lowercase).

    Under DNS Server Search Order, click on the area before the first period and type in:

    Primary DNS (Domain Name Server)
    Secondary DNS (Domain Name Server)

  8. Click on the WINS Configuration tab. Choose Disable WINS Resolution.

  9. Click on the Bindings tab. You should at least have Client for Microsoft Networks with a check in the box to the left. If all data has been entered, then click OK.

  10. In the middle of the network Configuration box, under Primary Network Logon, you should have Client for Microsoft Networks. If not, click the little down arrow at the end of the box and see if Client for Microsoft Networks is in there and click on it to make it the new choice there.


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