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or follow the instructions below for a manual install.

Setting up Dial-up Networking for Hyperconnections with Windows ME
or call support 24/7 toll-free (888) 817-8323

  1. Click on START, Settings, Dial-Up Networking.

  2. Double Click "Make New Connection."

  3. Change the name from "My Connection" to Hypercon. Click NEXT.

  4. Find your Hyperconnections Local Access Numbers using the search tool located on our website. Put in the appropriate Area Code and Telephone Numbers in their respective fields. Click NEXT.

  5. Click FINISH.

  6. A new Hypercon icon will appear in the Dial-Up Networking box.

  7. Right Click on the Hypercon icon and left click on PROPERTIES.

  8. Take the check out of "Use area code and Dialing Properties."

  9. Make sure the phone number is the appropriate Hyperconnections Local Access Number.

  10. Click the NETWORKING tab

  11. Make sure the "Type of Dial-Up Server" has PPP in it.

  12. Remove all check marks EXCEPT the one for TCP/IP on the bottom.

  13. Click the TCP/IP Settings button on the right.

  14. Make sure "Server assigned IP address" is dotted.

  15. Put a dot in (click on) "Specify name server addresses" and delete the first 0 (zero) in the Primary DNS. Type in 208 and it will "jump over" the period. Then type in 179, then 155, then 1.

  16. Hit the tab key and go down to Secondary DNS. Type in 208, 179, 155, 2.

  17. Primary and Secondary WINS should be 0 (zeros).

  18. Uncheck "Use IP header compression" and leave "Use default gateway on remote network" checked.

  19. Click OK until you get back to the General tab of Hypercon.

  20. Click the "Dialing" tab.

  21. Place a check in (click on) "This the default Internet connection" if one is not present.

  22. You may put a dot in (click on) "Dial whenever a network connection is not present" if you have both a LAN connection and modem dial-up, or simply put the dot in "Always dial my default connection."

  23. Click OK. This should take you back to the "Dial-Up Networking" box (figure 6). Close the Dial-Up Networking box with the "X" on the top right.

  24. Note: If you wish to place a "Shortcut to Hypercon" on your desktop, you may right click on the Hypercon icon and left click on "Create Shortcut". A message will appear stating it can't place one there, but do you want it on the desktop instead. Click YES, to place it on the desktop.

  25. Click on the "blue E" for Internet Explorer or "Shortcut to Hypercon" (if you made one).

  26. Put in your USER NAME (for example: username@hypercon.net) in the "User Name" box.

  27. Put your password in the "Password" box. If you wish to have the password saved, click "Save password" to put a check in the box. (Note: your password will not be saved until you make a successful connection to Hypercon.)

  28. Click the CONNECT button to dial.

Note: If you are connecting by using the "Shortcut to Hypercon" icon on your desktop, only a phone line connection is made. You will get two little green monitors or lights in the right corner of your screen near the clock. These are your "modem connection lights." Now the computer is waiting on you to open your web browser (Internet Explorer or Netscape). Once finished, you will need to double click the two little green monitors and click on DISCONNECT to hang up the phone.



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