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Set up Netscape 4.5 - 4.7x

  1. Open Netscape and click on EDIT and then PREFERENCES. Preferences will open to the "Navigator" category.

  2. Here you can set your homepage to www.hypercon.net.

    You can also clear your HISTORY and your LOCATION BARís recently typed in addresses.

    Double click on MAIL & NEWSGROUPS and the sub-categories; IDENTITY, MAIL SERVERS, NEWS SERVERS, etc. will appear.

  3. In IDENTITY, make sure your name (or any name you wish) is in the box and that your Hypercon Email address is correct. When finished, Click on MAIL SERVERS.

  4. Make sure the Incoming Mail Server has mail.hypercon.net listed. If not, click ADD to add one, or click EDIT if the information is incorrect.

  5. Make sure all information corresponds for the Mail Server Properties:

    Incoming: mail.hypercon.net
    Outgoing: smtp.hypercon.net
    Enter your username. Select "Never" Use Secure Socket Layer (SSL) or TLS for outgoing messages.

    Mail Server Properties

    server name: mail.hypercon.net
    server type: POP3 Server
    Enter your username and check "Remember password."

    Click on the POP tab.

  6. Be sure to NOT have anything checked in this box UNLESS you specifically want to NOT download any mail to your computer. If you wish to set-up News Groups, then click on NEWSGROUP SERVER. Otherwise, double click the ADVANCED category option, then click on CACHE.

  7. Make sure the Preferences for your news group server list the Hypercon news server (news.hypercon.com) as "Default.". If the information is incorrect then click delete and remove it. If it is missing then click ADD.

  8. Newsgroup Server Properties
    Server: news.hypercon.net
    Port: 119

  9. To clear your Netscape memory space, click "Clear Memory Cache" button.

    Note: You may wish to raise the Memory Cache Netscape uses to make web browsing a bit quicker. To set your memory cache, type in a multiple of 1024 into the "Memory Cache" box. For example, if you have 64 megabytes of ram, you may wish to set your Memory Cache to 3072 which is 3 megabytes. If you have 128 megabytes or more, you may wish to try 4096 or 5120.

    To clear the Temporary Internet Files, click the "Clear Disk Cache" button. If you wish to experiment with different Disk Cache sizes you may. However, the Disk Cache size of 7680 should be sufficient.

    Once done click OK at the bottom of the screen to close the Preferences dialog box.




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