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Configuring Microsoft Outlook Microsoft Outlook 98 and Microsoft Outlook 2000

The following instructions are for Outlook 2000 and Outlook 98 when the Accounts sub-option under the Tools menu is displayed (rather than the Services sub-option). In some cases, depending on how Outlook was installed or upgraded, the Services sub-option will be displayed on the Tools menu instead instructions for making the needed configuration changes).

  1. Start Outlook 2000 from your desktop or from Start/Programs/Microsoft Office/Outlook 2000. When the main Outlook 2000 screen appears, click the on [Tools]menu item on the top menu bar (or press ALT-T), then choose/click the Accounts sub-option.

  2. From the Internet Accounts screen, click on the [Mail] tab at the top. This will show all the mail accounts configured in your Outlook 2000 (it might or might not be empty, ie no accounts listed).

    Click on the Add button on the right and choose the Mail option, this will add a new mail account using the Wizard. The Wizard will guide us through the information gathering and configuration steps. Follow the Wizard and enter in the information asked in each screen.

  3. On the Your Name screen, simply enter in your name. Click the Next button when you are finished.

  4. On the Internet E-mail address screen, enter in your email address (yourname@hypercon.net). Click the Next button when you are finished.

  5. On the E-mail Server Names screen, enter in the Hyperconnections server names.

    Incoming: mail.hypercon.net
    Outgoing: smtp.hypercon.net

    Click the Next button when you are finished.

  6. On the Internet Mail Logon screen, the Account Name is your email address (for example: yourname@hypercon.net). In Password, put in your Hyperconnections password. Do not check the box labeled "Log on using Secure Password Authorization (SPA)". It is not supported by our mail systems. Click the Next button when you are finished.

  7. On the last screen of the Wizard, choose the option that describes your connection to the Internet. Choose "Connect using my phone line". Click the Next button when you are finished.

  8. On the Congratulations screen, simply click the Finish button to return to the Internet Accounts screen.

  9. At this point, you are returned to the Internet Accounts screen. From this screen, click on or highlight the mail account just created and click on the Properties button to the right.

  10. On the Account Properties screen, you are presented with the General tab when the screen appears, but you are not required to make any changes on the General screen. Click on the Servers tab at the top.

  11. On the Servers tab, you need to check the box labeled, "My server requires authentication". Once this box is checked, click on the Settings button to the right.

  12. Make sure that "Use same settings as my incoming mail server" has been selected. Click on the OK button when you are finished.

  13. At the Account Properties screen, click on the Close button to return to the main Outlook screen.


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