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Testing your phone line quality.


Testing your phone line quality
Reading the test results
Checking your "in-house" connections

First off, there are many articles on the Internet concerning dialup modem users not being able to connect at 56k speeds to their ISP or randomly kicked off after having successfully connected. So, if you do not believe what you are about read, do some research on the Net, and you will find that all of the other ISP's say the same thing.

Hyperconnections, however, has a method to help you TEST your phone line.

After the settings on the user's computer have been confirmed to be correct by technical support, and no logical reason for why the connection is lousy becomes apparent, the problem (9 times out of 10) is somewhere between the telephone cord plugged into modem and the local phone company's equipment. Switching ISP's will not fix this problem. Users who have switched to other ISP's and truthfully claim the connection got better were just fortunate that the phone company silently fixed the problem without their knowledge, or the phone call, by chance, is being routed to a different central office (CO) on the path to the other ISP. Unfortunately for us, your current ISP has no way of fixing either problem.

But, unlike 99% of other ISP's, we provide you a tool to help troubleshoot where the problem lays within the local phone system, and it will place the blame where it belongs. Who knows, you may even be able to complain loud enough to get them (the local phone company) to fix it. Don't hold your breath, though.

To run the test on your phone line, look at "Test the quality of your phone line".

NOTE: The test will require a short one minute LONG DISTANCE phone call to our Data Center in Houston, TX.








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