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Configuring your Sony© Playstation™ 2 for On-Line Gaming

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After installing the Sony Playstation 2 Network Adapter, turn on the console with the supplied Network Adapter Start-Up disk. After a short video clip, you will be presented with three options:

Help will take you to an installation video briefly describing how to connect the Network Adapter to your Playstation 2.

ISP Setup will take you to the main ISP setup options -- whether it be dial-up or a broadband connection.

Demos will take you to the some of the on-line demos offered on the Network Adapter Start-Up disk.

When you are ready, select "ISP Setup".

1. Press the 'X' key on your Playstation 2 game pad to continue.

2. Be sure to have a memory card inserted with the necessary space available. Press 'X' to continue.

3. Press 'X' to register now and follow the guide, or simply select the 'Square' button to continue and register at a later time.

4. The setup process will now begin, press 'X' to continue.

5. After your Network Adapter has been detected, press the 'X' button to continue.

6. After reading this warning from SCEA, press 'X' to continue.

7. Type a name for the connection. "Hyperconnections" is fine. Press the on-screen 'Enter' key to continue.

8. Select "Yes" for subscribing to an ISP. Press 'X' to continue.


You will need to select the appropriate connection for your type of Internet connectivity: Dial-up or Broadband. Inthis case, it will be dial-up.

9. Select "Dial-up Connection (Modem)", then press the 'X' button.

10. Be sure to have your user name, password, and dial-up number handy. Press 'X' to continue.

11. After reading this warning about possible long-distance charges, press the 'X' button to continue.

12. Select "Other" and press 'X' to continue.

13. Enter the dial-up number for the town or city you are calling from. Add a secondary number if you wish. Press the on-screen 'Enter' key to continue.

14. Select "No" if you do not have to dial any special options. Press 'X' to continue.

15. Enter your email address as the username ("xyz@hypercon.net") and your password twice. Press the on-screen 'Enter' key to continue.

16. Your Playstation 2 will now test the connection...

17. Once it successfully dials up you will be presented with a screen informing you of this. Press the 'X' button to save the settings.

18. Once the Playstation 2 saves the settings, you will be taken back to the main menu.

The configuration is now complete. Enjoy!

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