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Configuration of SPAM Filters

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STEP 1: Start by logging into your account using the webmail interface.
ie. if your email addess is @hypercon.net it would be http://mail.hypercon.net/

STEP 2: From the 'Account Options...' dropdown box, select 'Filters'

STEP 3: Click 'Add' on the bottom right

STEP 4: Select 'Header' from the FIELD dropdown box

STEP 5: Click the circle next to 'contains' and type 'WEIGHT20' in the PHRASE box, then click 'Add Condition'. Alternatively you can add one of the other keywords from the list at the bottom of this tutorial

STEP 6: Scroll down to the 'Destination' field and type 'Junk', then click 'Finish'


STEP 7: Your rule has been added, you can repeat this process with other spam values to further reduce the ammount
of spam in your inbox. A listing of special spam codes can be found below.

The current keywords that seems to catch the greatest ammount of spam are:


Adding these keywords, each as thier own rule, should eliminate most spam before it gets to your Inbox.

CMDSPACE This rule detects spaces in commands that are issued to the server. This is very common in spam and not common in regular email.
WEIGHT10 Our spam filtering software will assign a total weight to email message based on the particular tests that have failed. WEIGHT10 reflects a very low total weight, which means that more SPAM would be caught using this keyword, although a lot of legitimate mail may also be caught.
WEIGHT15 This is similar to WEIGHT10 only with a higher threshold to catch less SPAM, but also eliminate some false positives (legit mail) from being junked.
WEIGHT20 This is similar to WEIGHT10 and WEIGHT15 only with a higher threshold to catch less SPAM, but also eliminate most false positives (legit mail) from being junked.
X-RBL-Warning: DSBL Sender has been blacklisted by dsbl.org
X-RBL-Warning: SPAMCOP Sender has been blacklisted by SPAMCOP
X-RBL-Warning: EASYNET-DNSBL Sender has been blacklisted by EASYNET
X-RBL-Warning: EASYNET-PROXIES EASYNET reports an open proxy
X-RBL-Warning: NOPOSTMASTER There is not supporting postmaster email address at the originating domain
X-RBL-Warning: HELOBOGUS The server that sent the message did not identity itself properly
X-RBL-Warning: REVDNS The server that sent the message does not have a reverse DNS entry


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