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Free Software Descriptions

HYC 11.0 - Setup Software - This software will configure your windows computer to connect through Hyperconnections to access the Internet once you have created an account with Hyperconnections. If you have trouble, please contact our tech support staff at support@hypercon.net or (800) 292-5904. Mac users can also request a copy of the Hyperconnections Setup CD which also has automated setup for MAC v.8 and higher by emailing officeadmin@hypercon.net.

HYC 11.0 - Setup Software (SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS)

Webspeeder Trial - Get DSL speeds from your dial up connection! Webspeeder will optimize your connection and make your web browsing 2 to 4 times faster. Try our free trial for 14 days! If your trial has expired, download the "Full Version" below and enter your serial number and keycode during install.

Webspeeder Full Version Download (for no trial or to re-install on another computer)- Get DSL speeds from your dial up connection! Webspeeder will optimize your connection and make your web browsing 2 to 4 times faster. This version is expects you to enter your subscriber serial number and keycode upon install.

Download Accelerator (Windows)- from Speedbit. Don't get stuck downloading a file for hours and then lose it ALL when you get disconnected. The download accelerator will let you continue the download after you reconnect so that no valuable time is lost. This is a must have! FREE!

SpeedDownload2 (Macintosh)- from Yazsoft. You will not lose your spent download time when you get disconnected. The SpeedDownload2 will let Mac users continue the download after you reconnect so that no valuable time is lost plus it is a download accerlerator with other features. Trial Download.

Forte Free Agent - from Forte. This is one of the best news readers available. Download it and tellit your news server address to be "news.hypercon.net", your email adress (as your username), and your email password (as your password). You will be cruising the news server like a pro. FREE!

Ad-Aware - Ad/Pop-Up Killer - from Lavasoft.com. Stops unwanted pop-ups and pop-downs. FREE!

Anti-Virus Software - from Grisoft. This software will also check your incoming email and downloaded files from public file sharing programs like Kazaa or Napster. Download virus software today if you are currently without protection. FREE!

Zone Alarm - Personal FIREWALL- from ZoneLabs. This personal firewall, for Windows computers, is very configurable, has an easy setup wizard and is a must have in order to make sure intruders on the Internet are not trying to take over your computer. This is FREE from our friends at Zone Labs!

Google Toolbar - from Google.com. The toolbar enhances search capability by giving you more flexible search parameters. It aslo offers its own Pop-Up blocking capabilities as a bonus. This is FREE from our friends at Google!

Parental Filter - from NWSP. Parental Filter is a 100% freeware porn blocker. It specializes in blocking pornographic websites and profanity. It can also be customized easily. The filter can be enabled or disabled by an adult as needed. This is FREE from our friends at NWSP!

Other Recommended Software
(to consider purchasing from our partners)

Internet Filter & Monitor Filters - Web Filtering
iPrism internet filters - web filters perform internet monitoring and
blocks Internet usage for businesses, schools and libraries. Internet -
web filter blocking software provides web filtering and customizable
reports for secure internet access control.

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