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Nationwide Access

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If you're one of the millions of frustrated consumers who is tired of slow browsing speeds from your dial-up line, Hyperconnections WebSpeeder is the product you've been waiting for...

For the "truth" about Webspeeder instead of sales hype, click here!

Hyperconnections WebSpeeder is a new and innovative, patent-pending service from Atera Group, Inc. that dramatically increases web browsing speeds over traditional dial-up telephone lines, making these slow lines perform as fast as DSL lines. With Hyperconnections WebSpeeder, there'll be no more endless waiting for web pages to display. WebSpeeder also speeds up other http applications including web-based email attachments such as Word, Excel and Powerpoint files. In addition to speeding up dial lines, WebSpeeder also improves the speed of broadband connections like cable, DSL and wireless. Although not currently supported, future versions of Hyperconnections WebSpeeder will even increase speeds of games and music downloads. Click here to view the WebSpeeder FAQ.

Speed Is Just a Click Away
After installing Hyperconnections WebSpeeder you'll notice an immediate speed increase, but the best is yet to come. The more you use Hyperconnections WebSpeeder, the faster your Internet experience becomes. Over time, WebSpeeder's SmartHost™ feature learns your browsing habits and creates a custom profile just for you. This profile allows Hyperconnections WebSpeeder to anticipate where you want to go and what you want to do there even before you do. This lets Hyperconnections WebSpeeder deliver your frequently-visited sites lightning fast.

Hyperconnections WebSpeeder Performance Data
Hyperconnections WebSpeeder will turn your slow, frustrating Internet experience into an exhilarating ride. In WebSpeeder's comparison testing of the top ranking web pages, Hyperconnections WebSpeeder's average page download speed using a standard phone line connected at 56K was 4.41 seconds. Using a 325kbs DSL connection without Hyperconnections WebSpeeder, the average page download speed was 4.48 seconds.

Breakthrough Optimization Techniques
Produce All the Speed You Need

Hyperconnections WebSpeeder's performance optimizations include:

  • TCP/IP Protocol Optimization
  • Advanced Compression
  • Interleaved Intelligent Caching
  • Optimizing Data Centers
  • Window & Browser Optimizations
  • and much more...

Parental Control
Site Usage Reporting lets you quickly see which web sites are being visited, by whom they are being visited and how much time is being spent there.

Site Blocking puts you in control. WebSpeeder provides a notepad page where you can quickly and easily type in a list of acceptable sites that can be visited by anyone or, conversely, a list of sites that no one can visit.

Content Control provides two additional layers of protection to keep users away from undesirable or unproductive Internet sites. Two standards are supported: the Platform for Internet Content Selection (PICS) and Voluntary Content Rating (VCR). These standards identify the type of content found in web pages and denies access to web pages that do not meet the criteria set by you.

Ultra-Secure Firewall provides complete protection against hackers. With its stealth mode of operation, outsiders won't even know your computer is there, making it likely that they'll move on to an easier unprotected target.

Failsafe Downloads automatically recovers dropped connections, allowing downloads to continue where they left off when the connection is restored.

Ad Blocking stops annoying advertisements which waste valuable bandwidth and can significantly slow down web browsing.

Easy to Use
Hyperconnections WebSpeeder's user interface features a user-friendly "Console" that lets you know the status of the product with colored icons, buttons and flashing on-screen notices. A speed test button on the console allows you to test your speed with and without WebSpeeder running so you can see the benefit of WebSpeeder whenever you wish. WebSpeeder's Mouse Over Help allows you to get help anywhere in the program by placing your mouse over the item. More extensive help is available by clicking on the Question Mark at the top of every screen. Extensive documentation is also available right in the product.

Get It Now!
Download and install today. Hyperconnections WebSpeeder will turn your slow, frustrating Internet experience into an exhilarating ride--you'll wonder how you ever surfed without it!

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